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Staying Positive

Having a healthy and positive attitude usually depends on how you handle the rain you are given.

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Post Chemo Comic Consequences

My chemo sessions stopped eight months ago.

Yet, my brain still gets fuzzy. Not that that is all bad sometimes.

I might continue to blame that therapy, not my aging brain, for my forgetfulness in finding my house key, knowing my phone number or blanking out on someone's name whom I just met minutes before.

Thankfully, my nails returned to their healthy status. My eyebrows and lashes again accept gobs of mascara. My hair while sparse and patchy in the first post chemo weeks filled in nicely when someone suggested organic peppermint shampoo. 

One lesson learned was in lieu of the shampoo do not rinse with organic peppermint tea. My baby fuzz turned a light green hue, months prior to St. Patrick's Day.

Game changer came once the shampoo revved up my abused hair follicles.

So what's the problem, you might ask?

Really, its sheer vanity. Its not the coloring.
Already mostly gray, it is now a brilliant white that shines constantly.

No, its the curls.

Known to turn the straightest hair in a…

Fight on

Even when in pain and uncertainty what keeps you fighting?

Worry wart?

Worry, nervousness, apprehension or 
uneasiness - regardless of the word used the emotion surfaces in all cancer patients.
It should as our bodies are assaulted through the disease itself, the treatments and/or those treatments' "side effects."
However, if you are just centered on it and expect me to send you emojis depicting hugs and kisses - forget it.
As is well-documented worrying is not beneficial to your fight. 
It lowers your immune system. Don't need that, especially if you're on an immunotherapy regime.
It negatively affects your short term memory. Hello, hasn't chemo screwed enough with your mind? 
Premature coronary artery disease heightens Cancer already offers chances to hurt your heart. Why better the odds? This is not like a horse race where the odds play in your favor.
Instead, find something constructive to do. 
Garden, tap dance, take up the harmonica or just sit in your driveway and wave at cars. It does not have to be anything big or resulting in perf…


Interested in immunotherapy?
This FREE event is being held in NYC in September. This year it will be held at 550 Fifth Ave, making it much easier to get to from Grand Central of Penn Stations.
Register here:

Leaping and soaring high.